Bizarre Drain Discoveries: You Won’t Believe What’s Been Found in Drains!

Plumbers are a bit like archaeologists. Like their earth-digging counterparts, they spend a lot of time unearthing the unknown. But instead of ancient civilizations, they discover a world of bizarre and unexpected items in drains and sewer systems. From the extraordinary to the downright weird, we’re diving into some of the most unbelievable items ever found in drains. Buckle up, because this journey might get a little… clogged.

1. Goldfish: The Unintentional Adventurers

We all know the classic story: a child’s goldfish dies, and to give it a ‘burial at sea,’ it is flushed down the toilet. But, surprisingly, some of these tiny aquatic adventurers survive the trip through the pipes and end up being discovered later in sewer systems, having grown to impressive sizes.

2. Mobile Phones: From Pockets to Pipes

One of the more common and yet still surprising items found in drains worldwide is the mobile phone. Whether they’re accidentally dropped in toilets or fall out of pockets into storm drains, thousands of phones make their unexpected way into the sewer system each year. And let’s not forget those ill-fated attempts to retrieve them, often resulting in further drain blockages!

3. False Teeth: Smile, You’re in the Sewer!

False teeth have a knack for going on adventures of their own. Numerous plumbers have reported finding dentures stuck in drainage pipes. Whether from being accidentally flushed or dropped down a drain, these dental devices certainly add a toothy grin to an otherwise routine plumbing job.

4. Toys: Action Figures to the Rescue?

Plumbers often become unexpected heroes for children when they manage to retrieve beloved toys that have found their way into the drain. From action figures to Barbie dolls, toy cars to rubber ducks, many a childhood favorite has been recovered from the depths of drainpipes.

5. Jewelry: Diamonds in the Rough

Perhaps the most surprising – and valuable – items found in drains are pieces of jewelry. Engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and even watches have been discovered in drains. Some are the result of accidents, while others are discarded in moments of anger or despair. Either way, these finds can feel like a real treasure hunt for plumbers.

6. A Bike: Two-Wheeled Wonders

Yes, you read it right. Entire bicycles have been found in sewer systems. How they got there remains a mystery, but they certainly make for an unusual day on the job for plumbers!

7. Exotic Animals: From Frogs to Alligators

You might expect to find a frog in your toilet if you live in certain parts of the world, but an alligator? Believe it or not, there have been cases of these toothy reptiles being found in sewers and even popping up in toilets!


This list barely scratches the surface of the unusual objects plumbers around the world have found in drains. These bizarre drain discoveries serve as a reminder of the incredible journey things take once they disappear down our drains, and the strange and often humorous stories plumbers encounter in their line of work. So, the next time you’re having plumbing work done, spare a thought for the unexpected discoveries your plumber might make – and always remember to check your pockets before flushing!

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