Hollywood in Your Drain: Famous Items That Ended Up in the Drains

In the glitz and glamour world of Hollywood, one would expect to hear about red carpets, sparkling gowns, and prestigious awards. But, it seems, even Tinseltown isn’t immune to the oddities of life, including the mishap of losing precious items down the drain. Here’s a look at some of the most famous items that took an unexpected journey through the pipes and how they found their way back to their rightful owners.

1. Billy Crystal’s Oscar

In 1991, Billy Crystal hosted the Oscars and brought the house down with his wit and charm. He was awarded a miniature Oscar statue for his stellar performance. However, during a house party later that year, the miniature statue was accidentally knocked into a sink and went straight down the drain. A quick-thinking guest removed the U-bend under the sink and retrieved the award. The Oscar was a little worse for wear but nonetheless returned to Billy Crystal.

2. Kate Winslet’s Antique Locket

Kate Winslet, famed for her role in Titanic, lost a precious antique locket down the drain while filming on location. The piece was a personal favorite of Winslet’s, and she was devastated by the loss. A member of the production team, with experience in plumbing, stepped in to help and managed to recover the locket from the depths of the drainpipe.

3. Steve McQueen’s Rolex

The legendary actor, Steve McQueen, was known for his love of Rolex watches. In a peculiar incident in the 70s, one of McQueen’s prized Rolex watches slipped off his wrist and landed directly in an open drain. The watch was thought to be lost forever. However, a dedicated fan (who happened to be a plumber) volunteered to search the drain. Against all odds, the fan found and returned the watch to McQueen, who was incredibly grateful.

4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Earring

Known for her love of diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor had her fair share of precious jewels. During a party at her Beverly Hills home, one of Taylor’s diamond earrings slipped off and fell into a pool drain. A professional diver was called in to retrieve it. The earring was found after hours of searching and returned to a relieved Taylor.

5. Scarlett Johansson’s Pearl Necklace

While filming for a movie, Scarlett Johansson’s character was wearing a vintage pearl necklace. During a lunch break, one of the pearls dropped into a sink. Thanks to the quick action of a crew member who disassembled the plumbing, the precious pearl was retrieved and rethreaded onto the necklace.


These stories reveal an unexpected side of Hollywood, one where the famous and the glamorous face the same everyday mishaps as the rest of us. So, next time you lose something down the drain, remember – you’re not alone. Even Hollywood stars have their ‘drain days.’ And with a little luck (and perhaps the help of a skilled plumber), there’s always a chance for a happy ending.

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