Toilet Tales from Space: Plumbing Among the Stars

Toilet Tales From Space

While we often think about the thrilling aspects of space travel, such as floating in zero gravity or walking on the moon, we seldom think about the more mundane but critical issues: how do astronauts handle their bodily functions in space? Yes, we’re talking about the interesting, somewhat awkward, but absolutely essential topic of space toilets. Buckle up and let’s embark on this cosmic journey of celestial commodes!

1. Gravity: The Silent Ally

Here on Earth, gravity does a great job at helping our waste fall into the toilet bowl. But in the zero-gravity environment of space, things aren’t so simple. The space toilet uses a suction system (a bit like a vacuum cleaner) to prevent the waste from floating around – a situation nobody wants to encounter!

2. Toilet Training: A Space Requirement

Astronauts undergo extensive training on how to use the space toilet before they launch. This includes learning how to align themselves with the toilet using thigh straps and handles, as the opening is much smaller than a standard Earth toilet to prevent contents from escaping.

3. Reuse: Water Recycling in Space

Water is a precious resource in space, so astronauts need to be careful about how they use it. This includes the water they… produce. Yes, urine is filtered and purified before being turned back into drinking water. It’s not as gross as it sounds – the purification process makes it cleaner than most tap water on Earth!

4. Solid Waste: A Long Journey

What about solid waste, you ask? It is compacted and stored until it can be loaded onto a waste-filled spacecraft, which is then released to burn up upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Essentially, astronaut poop becomes a shooting star!

5. Space Toilets: A Pricey Affair

Space toilets are a marvel of engineering and, as you can guess, they don’t come cheap. The latest toilet system sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020 cost a whopping $23 million! It was designed to be more compact and efficient, with better waste storage, and is meant to serve the growing crew on the ISS.


While it’s not the most glamorous part of space travel, understanding how toilets work in space gives us insight into the extraordinary lengths that scientists and engineers go to ensure astronauts’ safety and comfort. It also highlights the resourcefulness required when living in an environment as harsh and unforgiving as space. So, the next time you use the restroom, take a moment to appreciate the gravity of the situation!

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